What we do

Raising new finance

  • A company is growing and needs additional financing to fund its growth. Avaxa supports the company in raising the optimal financing to fund its growth and the related CAPEX and/or acquisitions.
  • A Private Equity sponsor is aiming to take over a target company and is seeking to raise financing to fund the acquisition of the target company. Avaxa takes care of the entire finance raising work stream and arranges the most suitable financing structure, optimally leveraging the different sources of financing available in the leveraged / acquisition finance markets.
  • In close co-operation with the shareholder(s), a company is considering a leveraged recapitalisation to facilitate a one-off dividend payment. Avaxa structures and arranges a financing package suitable for both shareholder(s), company and lender(s).


  • A company is considering to enter into a syndicated loan or club deal for the first time and is consequently venturing on new territory. Avaxa guides the company through this new playing field and ensures a smooth (re-)refinancing process.
  • A company is considering a (early) refinancing and prefers to ensure in advance if – and to what extend – an improvement of the terms and conditions can be achieved. Avaxa performs a benchmark of the terms and conditions against the relevant financing markets and makes transparent where improvement can be achieved.
  • A company has expanded internationally and requires lenders that are able to provide services in jurisdictions where it is active. The company is seeking to achieve a better match between its financing and banking services need and the capabilities of its lenders. Avaxa directly approaches the right lenders from its fine-grained network.

Financial restructuring

  • A company is affected by challenging circumstances and temporarily requires additional financing to weather through the storm. Avaxa assists the company in substantiating and raising the temporary additional financing need.
  • A company might in the foreseeable future no longer be able to adhere to its financing terms and conditions– for example a breach of the agreed financial covenants – and strives to a timely amendment of the relevant terms and conditions. Avaxa supports the company in substantiating the requested amendments and ensures balance in the negotiations.
  • A company experiences the communication with its lenders as difficult. In close co-operation with the company Avaxa addresses the root causes behind this and contributes to a sustainable recovery of the relationship.
  • The going concern of a company is at stake. The position of the lenders is of decisive importance. Avaxa advises on what is minimally required to keep lenders on board. Avaxa supports the company in compiling a restructuring plan and how to approach the relevant stakeholders.

Option analysis

  • A company would like to get, possibly in consultation with the Supervisory Board, a thorough understanding of the various alternative sources of financing it has at its disposal. Avaxa provides insight in the advantages and disadvantages of the individual sources of debt. Avaxa develops and presents alternatives to the current financing structure, utilizing the most suitable and attractive sources of debt. In combination with or without the more traditional existing bank debt of the company.

Treasury / cash management

  • As part of the (re-)financing lenders require the associated interest rate risk on the financing to be hedged. Avaxa makes pricing of the interest rate derivatives transparent and ensures that the hedging is put in place against competitive terms and conditions.
  • A company is considering – whether or not following a (re-)financing – to change the set-up of its (international) cash management and to tender its (international) cash management. Avaxa ensures that the financing and cash management of the company are well matched and coordinates an efficient and thoroughly structured tender process.