Why Avaxa


Due to our extensive experience we speak the language of both entrepreneur, CFO, treasurer and lender. We know and understand the interests determining the stance that parties take. Driven by the interest of your company, we are able to weigh each and every interest and ultimately find common ground. With a solid and sustainable connection as a result.

Seasoned & hands-on

Around 50 years of combined experience in wholesale banking and international advisory practice. In combination with our reputation of dealmakers with a ‘can do’ mentality makes us very credible negotiators. For your company this results in the best terms and conditions available in the current financing markets.


Debt advisory in all phases of your company – from growth to restructuring. We have expertise in a broad range of financing instruments and structures. We command the financing process from beginning to end, including the cross-sell directly related to the (re-)financing such as cash management and interest rate/FX derivatives.

Sharp but fair

For your company we negotiate on the cutting edge. Yet in a way that makes all stakeholders feel good. We focus on those terms and conditions that matter to you and that are feasible to achieve. Our approach picks up noise from processes. Hence our negotiations focus on those items that really do matter to you.


Debt advisory is mainly people’s business. We have a fine grained network consisting of more traditional and newer alternative lenders. Also, we have worked with a diverse range of law firms. Within each of these we have direct access to the right person(s) that will get the deal done for you.


Debt advisory is the core of our company – no more and no less. Debt advisory across the board is our ‘bread & butter’. Not as a sideshow of or supportive to: debt advisory is our daily business.

Fully independent

We are a 100% independent boutique. We have no preference whatsoever for a specific financing instrument let alone specific lender. What we take into consideration is what your company requires and what suits you. Exclusively your interest determines our advice.


Continuity is crucial, also with respect to financing. For your company we structure tailor-made financing solutions that are feasible, tenable and workable for your company for the long-term.