Because of our wide and extensive experience, we are well equipped to serve different types of clients active in a diverse range of sectors. Over the years, we have worked with a wide array of companies and have developed an in-depth understanding of the financial dynamics at play and the stakeholder management that is required.

We know how to translate companies and the sectors they are active in into the language of (potential) lenders to optimally position a company for a financing raise, refinancing or financial restructuring. We speak the language of an entrepreneur, shareholder, investor, CFO, Treasurer, Supervisory Board, and lender.


We are an all-round debt advisory boutique

We have experience with a wide range of companies, organizations and sectors

We have expertise in a broad range of situations, financing instruments and structures

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We work for medium to large sized Corporates. Due to their size Corporates often require a broader lender base (syndicated loan or club deal). Corporates have access to a wider array of financing instruments, including debt capital market instruments. Avaxa supports in selecting the right financing solutions and instruments and is particularly experienced in aligning stakeholders such as Executive Boards, Supervisory Boards and shareholders.


We understand the dynamics of a family owned business in relation to financing. We are well equipped to guide family businesses through a process of a (re-)financing, such as broadening the lender base to cater for further (international) growth and guide you through the new playing field of structuring a first Club Deal or Syndicated Loan. Prior to a (re-)financing we support in identifying financing options that a family business has at its disposal, including pros and cons, to select the preferred option.


We are experienced with the deadlines and time pressure often associated with (acquisition related) private equity transactions. We are able to run a sell-side lender education, leveraged recapitalization or buy-side finance raise workstream to timely put in place an attractive funding solution. If desired through a dual track process to structure a traditional bank as well as a credit fund / alternative lender financing solution creating optionality for you to choose from.

In a financial distress or turnaround situation Avaxa can act as buffer between you as a shareholder and the lenders and can play a pivotal role in stakeholder management and aligning all parties involved, to work towards a consensual solution maximizing value and minimizing execution risk.


We have ample experience in working for semi-public companies, often characterized by a complex governance structure, involving many different stakeholders, (local, regional and/or national) governmental bodies and other regulatory and supervisory bodies.

Furthermore, semi-public companies often have access to government related lending institutions, with whom we maintain active and good working relations. Also, Avaxa is experienced in dealing with potential state-aid related issues in relation to financing, including assessing the market conformity of terms and conditions of financing, such as the pricing of debt and the fee paid to a governmental body in exchange for any guarantee provided by that governmental body in relation to the financing.