Based on your strategy and forecasts, Avaxa analyzes your current capital structure and provides valuable insights into your financing needs going forward to make sure you are able to execute your strategy and achieve your goals.

Through a strategic financing analysis we are not only able to substantiate your financing need for the coming years, but we are also able to identify and assess the financing options you have at your disposal to meet your financing need in a timely manner, including their pros and cons. To this extent we use (shadow) credit rating analysis based on S&P or Moody’s credit rating methodologies. Avaxa regularly conducts a financing options analysis in preparation for a refinancing or financing raise.

We have no preference whatsoever for a specific financing instrument, solution let alone specific lender. We are truly independent and lender and solution agnostic. What we take into consideration is what your company requires and what suits you best. Exclusively your interest determines our advice. Based on your preferences we assist in identifying what financing solutions to consider and in selecting the right financing solutions and (mix of) financing instruments. This allows you to focus on executing your strategy, without the risk of running out of financing.


We are an all-round debt advisory boutique

We have expertise in a broad range of situations, financing instruments and structures

We are a fully independent boutique: we are solution and lender agnostic

We have up-to-date knowledge of financing market conditions

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Avaxa has a wealth of experience in:
  • Conducting a financing options analysis, regularly in close co-operation and dialogue with the Executive Board, Supervisory Board and shareholder(s)
  • Advising on the feasibility of modifying your capital structure and developing alternatives to the current capital structure, utilizing the most suitable and attractive sources of debt
  • When you are considering a (early) refinancing and prefer to ensure in advance if – and to what extent – an improvement in terms and conditions can be achieved, benchmarking terms and conditions of your financing and identifyingng and makings transparent where improvements can be achieved.

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