USD 400m

June 2019

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Anthony Veder

Financing options analysis

  • In April 2019, Avaxa was engaged by the Management Board of Anthony Veder, a gas shipping company specialized in transport of LPG, LNG and Petrochemical gases, to conduct a financing options analysis;
  • Having sufficient committed funding at its disposal is key for Anthony Veder to realize its growth strategy / ambitions and to be able to grab opportunities that might arise in its markets to achieve further growth going forward;
  • This led Anthony Veder to question if its financing could be structured in a different manner to increase fire power to be able to quickly act on opportunities that arise as well as ensure surety of funding;
  • Through a thorough financing options paper, including a shadow credit rating analysis, Avaxa outlined alternative financing structures for Anthony Veder and compared these to the current financing structure; and
  • Avaxa’s financing options analysis facilitated internal discussions within Anthony Veder and the decision-making process to ensure Anthony Veder’s capital structure continued to be ‘fit for future growth’.