March 2020

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Centraal Boekhuis

Financing options analysis for shareholders, Supervisory Board and Management

  • CB is a logistic services provider in media and healthcare with over 145 years of experience, located in Culemborg and operating in Belgium and The Netherlands;
  • Avaxa assisted CB in exploring (financing) options to achieve sufficient liquidity to fund its investment agenda;
  • Avaxa was engaged in December 2019 to assist the Executive Board of CB. Avaxa conducted an (financing) options analysis, including financial modelling, stress testing, developed a granular scoring grid comprising criteria important to CB and a composed a concise report / decision paper, in which the various options as identified by Avaxa and CB were assessed based on the pre-agreed scoring grid; and
  • Avaxa’s decision paper facilitated internal discussions and the decision making process within the complex governance structure of CB.